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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Experience as a Dior Makeup Artist!

Being a makeup artist for Christian Dior, or any makeup line isn't always easy and fun. Today's blog post & accompanying video will talk about my experience as a makeup artist for Dior.

One of my favorite experiences was beauty school! There are two different types of schooling, one was training and the other was seasonal school. Seasonal school was twice a year and revealed what will be launching in the next two seasons & what was new. It was great because it gave me a chance to be excited for what was to come and I was able to physically see and able to have first impressions. Training school is only a one time course for those who are new Dior artists. This course is 2 days, very extensive & goes through every single permanent product in Dior's makeup & skincare line. Skincare took a whole day as there are multiple lines, and important ingredients that make each product unique to Christian Dior.

My most favorite part of being a makeup artist was gratis & discounted items! Gratis is just a fancy way of saying free makeup ;) & who doesn't love free makeup? After each seasonal & training course we were awarded with free makeup from both the permanent line to the limited edition lines. It was a great way for me to try out new products and to build my collection of Dior makeup & skincare. Discounts on ALL cosmetics & fragrances from both Dior & other lines were 20% off and can sometimes be 30-40% during special events.

 I loved that Dior had a wide range of products for both light-dark skin girls, neutral & bright colors for the face and a wide range of skincare for different types and maturity. It was great for me because I was able to have experience with different skin tones, type & maturity. Not everything was perfect for me as a makeup artist. At times I would have no one in my chair & would spend hours trying to pull customers, cleaning or brushing up on my products. I had trouble trying to memorize the ingredients in the skincare line and what each ingredient did in the beginning and proved difficult when I was with a client and he/she wanted to know more. The dress code was really strict as well and at times were monotonous for me.

Hours: As a new mom I was able to give a general availability & I was lucky to have exactly what I wanted as a part time artist  
Pay: I was paid hourly plus a 3% commission on what I sold.

STAY TUNED FOR THE VIDEO ACCOMPANYING THIS POST & if you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask!


mummieinthemorning said...

Very informative ty for posting!

Anonymous said...

How do you land a job as a makeup artist for Dior?

JamielynnShhshaney said...

Did you work within a department store or in a Dior boutique? I have an interview in Nordstrom and don't want to be too excited if you worked for a boutique and the process is 10000% different! :-P