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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know I know, this video and post is long past due. I had so much trouble trying to edit and save this video before I left to Los Angeles, but iMovie kept shutting down on me. I finally was able to save, and upload the video, and I'm so thankful that even though it took over 200 minutes, it finally is up and live.
Once we arrived in Los Angeles, Steve wanted to upgrade
our rental car to a Dodge Challenger, so this is what we
drove around for 3 days! Sweet ride, huh?

Our very first win on our very first machine! I'm sure you can already
guess why we started off with this machine! 

So cool! We found a chair that had my last name when
we were at the Fashion Show Mall!

My birthday dinner attire!

We had dinner at Sushi Samba and these were our rolls. 
They tasted absolutely amazing, especially the one on the bottom.
However it was $19 for 3 pieces! Our whole dinner was around $200,
and we weren't even full!

Our waitress brought me out a Happy Birthday dessert which was
so sweet of her. She even put some gold flakes on it for us!
Day 2 we decided to spend the majority of the afternoon at the spa
& getting massages! We even wore our spa attire to lunch!
It felt a little odd, but we were too hungry to change! lol

Steve & Leon Spinks chatting

Meeting Leon Spinks was probably one of the highlights of the trip 
for Steve. I, on the other hand, didn't know who this was, but 
after hearing a bit about him, I thought it was amazing that we got to meet
a World Champion that defeated Muhammad Ali

Day 3 we spent mainly at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace.
Here is a photo of me and my "yard" drink that I got.

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